The Extreme Difference

Just a Few Extreme Advantages…

  • Your project gets individual attention from design to delivery
  • Manufacturing SIPs utilizing state-of-the-art tools/technologies with strict quality control monitoring
  • Fitted components, we have ‘built’ the structure virtually in our CAD office
  • The electronic design file drives the manufacturing process
  • Eyes on the plan as the project moves through production- everyone is accountable
  • The pride and workmanship that results from consistent processes
  • Responsible production planning resulting in maximum use of the manufactured panels, and local use of bi-products reduces landfill waste
  • Minimum jobsite waste
  • Materials provided by local suppliers whenever possible
  • Precision cuts utilizing Hundegger CNC technology
  • A finished and sealed edge on all panels
  • A structure consisting of sustainable raw materials assembled with responsible methods
  • An insulated structure once panels are installed
  • A compact construction timeline
  • A community proud of this business and a business proud of this community
  • Ethical business practices
  • Ethical sales practices, a strategy to serve the customer while staying true to the product
  • Preservation of our reputation of providing Extreme quality

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