Don’t take our word for it…

With decades of experience creating structures for better indoor environments, our strongest referrals come from our customers. Many of whom are repeat builders who haven’t looked back after they started framing with SIPs. We believe in framing with SIPs for the greater good of the environment, energy conservation, and for building healthier structures. Nothing makes us happier than a satisfied customer who sees the advantages of framing with SIPs!

Our customers say...

“To the Team at Extreme Panel Technologies and Perry Penske, 

As the year of 2018 kicks off, I would like to send a sincere thanks and summary of the build for our new home in south central Nebraska.  The overall experience was enduring for myself do to the fact I opted to act as most in part the general contractor.  This would not have been possible without the support of Perry Penske and the team at Extreme Panel.  I cannot stress enough from the time we put down the rendering deposit all the way until we were in our home your company was there the entire time.  Not only that, the level of experts you brought to the table were unsurpassed regarding radiant flooring, home erection, LED lighting, AC, and roofing.  Perry provided a very realistic approach and most important a relentless no compromise approach to the manner in which the install and sub contract work was performed.  There were many conversations in which explanations of why and how a certain method was preferred over what the sub-contractors in our area were accustomed to.  This is the value gained from using your company and having Perry on board. 

For me the key indicators of a company that cares comes from all that you provided to me and my family. 

  • A company that provides a level of expertise from start to finish.  The family of experts extends beyond just Extreme Panel and into the great relationships that have been built in sourced products and services from those with the best knowledge of the industry today.
  • A company that provides a well built and precise structure.  The local subs could not believe how everything was exact to the finest of measure.  Window installers were amazed at the time it saved. In fact once the local sub-contractors were familiar with the structure they are wondering why this method is not more common.
  • A company that sticks with you and remains in contact even after the job is done.  Visits were common and at times during critical parts of the build.  Phone calls from afar ensured we kept everyone on the same page. 
  • A company who in the end represents themselves and their product with integrity. My personal business experience dealings have me engaged with some of the world’s leaders in industry and I can say honestly that it is not the size of the company that matters it is the level of commitment that defines success.  Extreme Panel is definitely that company. 

From my family to the team at Extreme Panel Technology thank you for being part of our new home.”

JK – Cozad, NE

“Extreme has a great team of folks, we enjoyed Terry and Josh V’s site visit and Perry provided great value with his onsite instruction. Our supervisors enthusiasm for the ease of installation and performance of your panels is evident in every conversation they have – we are so impressed with the way these walls go up, it’s hard not to get worked up about it and to sing its praises. Your involvement in this effort is critical to its success, and it’s a wonderful demonstration of your product in action.”

St.Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity, River Falls WI

“Since I first started building with SIPs in 1980, I have had the opportunity to install panels made by several different SIP manufacturers. While the makeup of the panels may be similar, there can be a vast difference in how the panels are designed, cut and supplied to the builder. I have found that the complete packages that are provided by Extreme Panel Technologies are second to none in the industry. From timely and accurate estimates to the CAD layouts, CNC cutting, jumbo panels and packages that include all of the required components – lumber, splines, fasteners and sealants – Extreme has proven to be the only source for SIPs that I need. I am proud to provide my customers with the best products available and I expect to be working with Extreme for many years to come.”

Curt Stendel, President, Panelworks Plus, Inc.


“At Dovetail, we were excited by our first experience in building a SIPs house. We completed the Progressive Farmer Idea House in Lake City, MN in September of 2008 and are finishing up paperwork for LEED certification this spring. Our primary focus in building this house as a LEED certified house was to build a high tech building shell that was as energy efficient as possible and at the same time to reduce construction time and building material waste. We were also constrained by the schedule of the Progressive Farmer Magazine, which had a home tour and magazine issue dedicated to the house in the fall of 2008. Extreme Panel did a very professional job of converting the architectural plans to cad drawings for the making of the SIPs panels. Panel Setters did an excellent job of installing the glu-lams and SIPs panels. The exterior shell of the house was up in three weeks, which was much faster than we would have been able to stick frame the house. Even more importantly, the structure went up plumb, flat and square with very tight tolerances! The house had a blower test when completed and is extremely tight. We look forward to working with you again in the future on another SIPs house.”

 – Dovetail Renovations – St. Francis, MN


“The job went fantastic! Everything fit perfectly. The electricians and plumbers were impressed. You’ll be hearing from us again.”

GH – Shafer, MN


“We are so satisfied with the panels. No more drafts and even more sound proof after our remodel. Brad did a great job – very precise. Thank you!”

D & A – Spirit Lake, IA

“Ordering the panels was as simple as buying a car. I told Extreme Panels what we wanted and they delivered the quote and information on availability. In my opinion, building with panels is a lot easier and faster. All you need before you begin is an idea of what you want and where you want it. The new house is a lot warmer, less drafty, and not as noisy as the old house. The panel walls deaden sound, as opposed to letting it in or bouncing it off. They hold heat better, and it takes a lot less energy to heat it. You buy your house and assemble it as you would a model airplane kit, with all the parts pre-made and numbered for you to assemble. You use common tools including a screw gun (a drill), a glue gun (a caulking gun), a level, a plumb bob, a pencil, and a carpenter’s knife.”

– West Central Minnesota Customer

“Just a few days ago I talked with Perry just to say how much we have enjoyed our first winter in our new Extreme Panel home. I can remember clear as yesterday visiting your shop as we began the design process on our projects. A great and educational tour, lunch. And super information and guidance from people who obviously knew and cared about what they are doing… It is quiet,warm in every corner and very comfortable.”

– L.M., Bayfield, WI

“We love our house with the winds we have had this past year it is very solid and we have no air coming in anywhere. But that was not the reason we went with the sips panels, we went for the money savings on heat and air conditioning. My husband went out often during the winter of 2011 to check the gauge on the propane tank and it did not move much all winter. We used so little that we got a notice from the propane company that we were going to have to pay a fee for not using the minimum amount of propane! The basement is also a very nice place, it is not damp and cold like the old block wall and cement floor basement at our old house. I spend a lot more time down there than our old basement. Even when we are using the fire place the temp is just a few degrees different then upstairs not the 13 degrees difference in our old basement. As for the summer it is great to come home, open the door and feel the cool air. We only used the air conditioner once last summer. The temp of the house does not increase but maybe a couple of degrees during the day, always nice and comfy. The other great part was the build time, with all the down time because of rain we had that summer and that there were only 2 to 3 men putting up the panels, the house was built from start to finish in three and a half months!”

Wisconsin Project. SIPs used for 10′ basement walls, basement floor, and main walls. Truss roof.