The wait is over for the new Zinc Borate Treated OSB!

Extreme Panels is very excited to announce that in 2017 we have switched 100% production of our SIPs over to using Zinc Borate Treated OSB.  Our new SIPs are now protected against biological elements including fungal decay & ensure long-term durability against wood boring/eating insects!  We are calling this value-added upgrade to our SIPs “Structure Shield+”

Extreme in Action

Specifically developed to help architects, builders and framers visually see the simplicity behind structural insulated panels, our videos cover everything you need to get started with Extreme SIPs for your high performance envelopes.

Ready for the Ultimate High Performance Structure?

Extreme SIP Panels regularly save 50% on framing labor, and 40-60% savings on energy savings. A step above outdated conventional framing.

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Explore our headquarters, how SIPs are made, installed, and why we have been manufacturing and helping designers/contractors create high performance structures for more than 25 years.

We are passionate about building a better future!

Experts all over North America have declared that SIPs are the future for high performance construction. We have been manufacturing SIPs for nearly 30 years. With this experience, and hundreds of SIP framed structures standing strong, we at Extreme are proud to help light the way!

Advanced Framing With SIPs


Extreme Panels will change the way you build forever. Our SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) advanced framing system helps building owners save up to 58% on heating & cooling costs, and framing in a fraction of the time!

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We are proud to have been awarded Four 2017 Building Excellence Awards from the Structural Insulated Panel Association:

  • Overall Competition – Runner-Up
  • Agricultural – Runner-Up
  • Single Family Houses over 3,000 sqft – Runner-Up
  • Single Family House under 3,000 sqft – Winner

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Extreme Resources


Not only do our SIPs offer extreme high performance, but they are also time tested for decades. Our technical library has all of the resources you need to design and build with Extreme SIPs.

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Extreme Savings


High end construction looks to our SIPs to help create passive and net-zero energy projects. What many don’t know is that SIPs are available for virtually every construction project, and are an exceptionally sustainable way to build.

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We are ready to help with your next SIPs project!

Whether its product education, design assistance, or technical support we are with you every step of the way. Our customers come to us as some of our most loyal referrals, and we work hard to maintain relationships of integrity and trust. We hope you’ll contact us to learn more about how you can incorporate SIPs into your next construction project.