Extreme offers accessories for your SIP framing installation project. We have handpicked our accessories carefully to work precisely with Extreme SIPs. For Extreme, it's all about performance and quality!
Panel Sealant

Sustant – A Bluer Shade of Green™Product Sheet

Manus Bond 75 AM, high performance sealant and adhesives technologies for sustainable construction. Superior performance and excellent working properties, Manus Bond 75 has the following features:

  • Will not harden or become brittle over time
  • High UV resistance
  • Smooth & consistent gunning at all temperatures
  • Meets the most stringent sustainability initiatives such as LEED for homes

TRUFAST Panel Screws | Product Sheet

TRUFAST SIP fasteners were specifically developed for the attachment of SIPs to wood, corrugated steel, and steel members without pre drilling. TRUFAST fasteners feature:

  • State of the art tempering & coating
  • Large diameter, low profile pancake
  • No need for a washer
  • Widest selection of eastern lengths in the industry


GRK Fasteners™ | Product Sheet

GRK Fasteners utilizes strict quality control procedures. Every batch of screws produced is independently random sampled & quality controlled to the highest standard. We use both the RSS Structured Screws and the R4 Multipurpose screws. RSS Structured Screws

  • Sharp threads & points
  • Built-in washer
  • Climate contest & hardened steel (strength)
  • May be used for lag screw replacement

R4 Multipurpose screws 

  • Self-tapping
  • Countersinking head
  • Patented head & thread
  • No pre-drilling
  • No stripped heads
  • CEE Thread
OSB Sheathing

OSB Sheathing By Norbord

Norbord OSB sheathing is used as the skins in Extreme SIP products.
Norbord OSB sheathing is:

  • Not prone to warping, twisting or bowing
  • Accepts screws & nails easily
  • Available in 4ft x 24ft long, and as jumbo panels 8ft x 24ft long
  • Meets the most stringent sustainability initiatives such as LEED

Adhesives provided by:

  • Ashland Adhesives
  • DOW Chemical Co.

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