The Complete SIPs Envelope

The air tight character of Extreme Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) create the ultimate building envelope which prevents the flow of air into the interior (except in a controlled manner), and reduces the infiltration of dust, pollens and other airborne particles. With a solid building shell in place, mechanical ventilation systems allow you to filter all incoming air for dust and allergens, and your air conditioning system can dehumidify the conditioned spaces better, making it nearly impossible for mold and dust mites to survive. The result is an exceptional indoor environment.


Typically, the roof is the area where most of the energy is lost. 30% energy on average. Creating a thermally strong roof is a critical element of all building design. SIPs large panel sizes are ideal for soaring roof lines, peaks, valleys and the many options roof slopes.


With higher insulating properties, SIP walls will keep your building envelope tight with an extremely low amount of air infiltration. Keeping pollutants out and your climate in offers indoor air quality ideal for all!

Floors & Foundations

Extreme Panels create floors that are straight and strong and basements that are warm, comfortable and free of musty smells.


In addition to our Extreme residential & commercial SIP products, we offer heavy duty doors and agricultural components used throughout the various elements of the agricultural industry. All designed to help meet your building needs.